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The ex-K’Ogalo official says the Kenyan champions cannot make trip for the first leg fixture since no flights are available

Ex-Gor Mahia official Omondi Aduda has revealed the club have made numerous efforts to reach Algeria for their Caf Champions League match against CR Belouizdad but in vain.

The former CEO has further exonerated club officials from blame that they have not done enough to have the team fly to Algeria to honour the second round, first-leg clash on Wednesday.

In an interview with Goal, Aduda said the trip to Algeria is as good as cancelled because “Gor Mahia cannot walk to Algiers.”

“It is not about the officials failing to do their work or the team missing tickets to travel, the problem lies with Algeria because of their airspace,” Aduda told Goal on Tuesday.

“Gor Mahia tried each and everything possible to secure a flight to Algeria, there is evidence they secured visas on time, there is evidence they had tickets which they could have used to fly Nairobi to Doha on Sunday, there is evidence they had already done a hotel reservation in Algiers and there is evidence they wrote to CRB on December 9, which was never answered.

“On December 9, they gave CRB the opportunity as required by the regulation that the team could fly to Tunis, then CRB organizes to charter a flight to Algiers, which did not work.

“Then there is evidence Gor Mahia through Football Kenya Federation (FKF) engaged the Algerian Football Federation on the December 14, where they requested for the authority.

“That authority was triggered by Gor Mahia, and the authority, therefore, is just to enter Algeria and not to board the chartered flight, so the itinerary which was given by CRB, that flight is an evacuation chartered flight which you can only board by government authority.

“The chartered flight is meant to evacuate Algerian nationals back to Algeria, and the confirmation we have now is there are no scheduled commercial flights to Algiers, even today [Tuesday], they have equally confirmed there are no flights, you can only use the evacuation flights, which also are not available, nothing else.

“Even the referees for the match from Tunisia left Tunis on Monday through Paris, and then took the evacuation flight from Paris to Algiers. That is the situation [Gor Mahia finds themselves in], so how do you expect them to travel? Do you want them to walk to Algeria?

Goal has also managed to secure several conversations between Gor Mahia and Qatar Airways, with the last one confirming there are no flights to Algeria.

“Kindly refer to my earlier email you submitted the approval at 4 pm while Doha working hours are 7 am to 3 pm,” read the letter from Qatar Airways to Gor Mahia treasurer Dolfina Odhiambo.

“I also requested your patience on this subject noting that we do not have scheduled flights to Algeria. Charter flights are operated subject to request and approval by the Algerian government, this is the main reason aa to why there is a delay in getting the feedback as we have to be certain if the charters will be granted the necessary approvals for operation.”

According to details in Goal possession, Gir Mahia had already booked Hotel Ferdi Lilly in Algeria during their stay in the country.

Goal also revealed that the match has subsequently been postponed to Saturday, although official confirmation of this has not been released.

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December 22, 2020