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The Body has been running the Kenyan top-tier since 2003 but now the Federation has opted to run it

Gor Mahia Secretary-General Samuel Ocholla has stated the Kenyan Premier League Limited should not be anywhere close to the top-tier after failing to execute their responsibilities effectively.

Since their Football Kenya Federation (FKF)-KPL contract expired on September 24, many diverse opinions have been shared. There are those, like FKF presidential aspirants Herbert Mwachiro and Sam Nyamweya, who believe KPL should continue running the league, while others have joined the Federation.

“If KPL cannot fulfil their mandate they can just go to hell,” Ocholla told Goal.

“They have struggled to perform their functions effectively. For instance, they have not paid Gor Mahia their prize money twice; in the 2018/19 Kenyan Premier League season and the abandoned 2019/20 season where once again they were crowned champions by FKF.”

The official has further explained why it is logical to give the Federation a chance to run Kenyan top-flight football.

“The FKF has shown they have good intentions for our league and it is the reason why they are trying to get sponsorships,” Ocholla added.

“If [FKF] can fulfil the promises they have made, it will be a good thing for the league. It is high time we give them a chance to run the top-tier and see what they can offer.”

In an earlier interview, Tom Alila, who will vie for the Nairobi National Executive Committee (NEC) membership, believes FKF should extend Kenyan Premier League Limited’s time running top-flight football in the country.

“The KPL issue with FKF needs to be checked properly; KPL must be left to run their affairs,” Alila told K24 TV.

“This issue of the Federation meddling in the affairs of the KPL [should stop] and the latter should work under FKF and their contract needs to be extended so that they can run the league on their own and if there is a problem you can be able to say it came from this other side.  

“I strongly support the KPL contract being extended but under FKF.”

The administrator has urged the clubs not to vote for the incumbent Nick Mwendwa if he refuses to let the KPL run on their own.

“If Nick [Mwendwa] is openly going to defy the clubs’ procedure in the way they have been or are going to operate then they should not vote for him,” Alila continued.

“KPL’s contract should be extended, there is no [National Executive Council] NEC to rectify the contract. A new NEC should be put in place to rethink the issues with KPL.”  

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October 1, 2020
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