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Iowa State coach Matt Campbell was none too pleased with officials during the first half of Saturday’s Big 12 championship game against Oklahoma.

The Cyclones faced fourth-and-2 at the Sooners’ 34-yard line with a little over six minutes left in the second quarter. It looked like Iowa State had no intention of running a play and was simply trying to get Oklahoma to jump offsides. Twice, it appeared they got Sooners linemen to cross the line of scrimmage — but officials didn’t throw any flags, forcing the Cyclones to call a timeout.

More like “Mad” Campbell, am I right?

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Iowa State was down 17-0 at that point, so it’s easy to see why Campbell was frustrated, though maybe it was a bit of an overreaction. Following the timeout, the Cyclones picked up the first down with a 23-yard run by quarterback Brock Purdy. So no harm, no foul. Except, on the very next play, Purdy threw an end zone interception.

Iowa State did score a touchdown on its next possession, but Oklahoma added another touchdown with 37 seconds left in the half to take a 24-7 lead at the break.

Per usual, Twitter had fun at Campbell’s expense.

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December 19, 2020