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Kyrie Irving really should have his own reality TV show at this point.

In the latest episode of “Keeping up with Kyrie,” Irving returned to TD Garden in Boston on Friday as the Nets faced the Celtics in both teams’ final exhibition of 2020. It looked as if he may have been afraid of some lingering evil spirits, because he was burning sage around the court prior to the game. Irving played two drama-filled seasons in Boston before signing with Brooklyn as a free agent in 2019. He did not face the Celtics last season because of injury.

Seriously, this guy needs his own show considering he has a knack for drawing people’s attention — whether he’s spouting conspiracy theories (i.e., the whole “flat earth” thing) or pontificating about the media. (“I do not talk to pawns.”)

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During NBC Sports Boston’s pregame show Friday, ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, a former teammate of Irving’s with the Cavaliers and an ex-Celtics big man, didn’t seem surprised by Irving’s antics.

“What else did you expect?” Perkins said with a laugh. “He’s always going to give you the unexpected. But I’ll tell you what: Sage in the TD Garden is not going to change anything; it’s not going to change the way the fans feel about him, it’s not going to change the way the city of Boston feels about him. It’s not going to change Jaylen Brown, Jayson Tatum and Marcus Smart getting ready to go at Kyrie tonight.

“He can sage all he want, it ain’t gonna help.”

Kevin Durant, who joined Irving last offseason when he also signed with the Nets, said he wasn’t surprised by the ritual either.

“That’s his thing,” Durant said. “Kyrie probably sages his room before he plays 2K at home.”

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December 19, 2020
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