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According to a recent report from Corriere dello Sport, Tottenham Hotspur are the favourites to sig Arkadiusz Milik from Napoli.

The Italian side are ‘desperate’ to sell him for a fee of around €25 million before the summer transfer window closes, but they’re having to fend off a handful of other clubs before they manage to get his signature.

Milik is still viewed as a capable goalscorer at the highest level but Napoli appear to have their sights set on the future. Spurs, on the other hand, have already brought in a few big names – and Milik could be the next on that list.

With Son, Kane and Bale making up a part of their attacking structure, Milik could be one hell of an additional weapon.

Jose Mourinho has been criticised for playing a negative style of football but that’ll surely no longer be the case if these acquisitions keep on coming.

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September 30, 2020
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