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The experienced tactician believes the custodians horn their leadership skills from the many responsibilities performed on the pitch

Ugandan coach Asaph Mwebaze has revealed why he believes goalkeepers end up making successful coaches following their playing careers

Without giving specific examples, the former Nyamityobora tactician explained that the nature and responsibilities of goalkeeping positions tend to breed tough and successful managers.

“On top of his individual responsibility, the goalkeeper needs to be a leader on the pitch. The position gives him a clear view of all players and enables him to spot potential dangers early on,” the former Maroons FC head coach told Football256.

“A good goalkeeper would take full advantage and command the whole defence by shouting orders throughout the game. He is responsible for the positioning of both the centre-backs and the full-backs.

“And no wonder they make very good coaches after their playing careers.”

Mwebaze, who has been in management for the last 22 years – also explained why the goalkeepers should be alert all through the games if his team has to record success.

“Another crucial part of the duties of a goalkeeper includes dead-ball situations,” the ex-Onduparaka FC coach added.

“He is the one who decides how many players are required for the wall when there’s a free-kick. Also, he’s the one supposed to set up the defence during corners and other situations when a cross is expected.

“If the goalkeeper is a solid leader, the whole defence plays much better. Obviously, they have a better awareness as stated in my last point, but there’s more than that.”

Mwebaze also suggested why a lack of trust in a goalkeeper may lead to disasters in any given outfit.

“The outfield players won’t feel pressured and in fear of mistakes if they trust their goalkeeper. If he’s able to bail the defenders, they are more confident and play better overall,” he concluded.

“The opposite is also true. You can instantly see when the defence doesn’t believe in its goalkeeper. You will see many mistakes, panic plays, and the reluctance to trust the last man under any circumstances.

“This is a certain recipe for a disaster.”

The coach believes the goalkeeper is the team’s backbone although sometimes, they are not appreciated as much as midfielders and strikers.

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September 28, 2020
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